Change to Guild Hall Points

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Change to Guild Hall Points

Postby Ben » Thu Sep 15, 2005 6:11 pm

As stated in an earlier update, guilds earn points based mostly on the activity of their members. Guilds with many high level members gain lots of points. A guild with 2 low level members does not gain many points.

To try to further discourage the 1-man guilds and such that have popped up recently, there is now a 3-point "bleed" in points that occurs every day for all guilds. If your point total is 3 points or greater at the end of everyday, you lose three points, and then the points you earn from the activity of your members is added on to your total. So if you have 100 points and then you earn 50 points in a day, the next day you will have 147. (100-3+50)

We encourge medium to large sized guilds and active recruiting of new players because we believe guilds are a large reason people stay long-term in Valorn. We are, after all, focused mostly on community building rather than fighting, uber items, or other elements of an RPG (although those are all vital support elements), and the guilds are the center of the community for many of our more experienced adventurers.
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