Current email addresses - IMPORTANT

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Current email addresses - IMPORTANT

Postby Miranda of Admin » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:38 pm

We've been working on our email system for some time. Please note that the address [email protected]. is now unofficial and while it will be checked every now and then it is not an effective address through which to contact Admin.

Instead, please revert to the following email addresses to ensure that your mail goes to an appropriate member of the team (I will edit this as need be over the next week or two if we make more changes.)

[email protected] - for issues connected to payment.
[email protected] - for issues connected to locked accounts.
[email protected] - for anything else game-related

It is not recommended that you use [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] unless you have a query that specifically needs to be addressed by one of us and you would rather nobody else see it. If you email one of us with a general query, it is likely you will not receive a reply quickly, and you may be asked to resend your email to the main address of [email protected]. This is to ensure that emails go to one place with a higher chance of being seen in good time.

I'm aware that historically our email system has been unreliable and players have been known to go for days or even weeks without a reply. I would like to improve this so please help us out and send your emails to the correct email address =)

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