Game Rules (2014 version)

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Game Rules (2014 version)

Postby Miranda of Admin » Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:21 am

The game has entered a second lease of life under new ownership this year, so it seemed like a good time for us to revamp the rules. I'm sure you know all twenty of the previous ever-so-serious rules off by heart, and were very grateful for the many examples given of how to conduct yourselves appropriately, but you will just have to get used to living with a little more freedom. I would like to assure you that the standards expected in game are just as high and that player safety is of paramount concern, but these rules should allow you to use your own common sense whilst exhibiting the extraordinary role play so prevalent in our community. If you have questions or comments on these new rules please let us know; we'd like to hear them.

DG Rules (2014)

Dark Grimoire aims to provide a safe game for all players, who are aged 13 and over. The following rules are designed to add to the immersive and enjoyable environment. Moderators and Admin may give advisory warnings to encourage players to follow the rules more closely; persistent or severe issues can lead to muting or even banning. If warned or muted, you must alter your actions accordingly and do not discuss it in-game. Admin will be happy to discuss this further with you via email if required.

1. Profanity: Don't swear or curse using non-game world language. It's also not okay to substitute symbols or letters within swear words. In-game curses are much more inventive anyway, and we enjoy hearing our names taken in vain. (Although Kane does have more than one butt-cheek.)

2. Sex: Sexually graphic acts are not allowed anywhere in-game. Spare a thought for our glowing godly eyes and don’t make us watch it -- we'll see it, no matter how well-hidden you think you are. Trust us, you don’t want the embarrassment, and we value our vision.

3. Harassment: Don't harass other players; we're all here to have a good time and as an Admin team we take safety very, very seriously. We also strongly recommend not sharing any personal information of any kind with other players.

4. Pretending to be an Admin or Non-Player-Character: Don’t. This includes trying to make them part of your back story. They'll call you out as a nutjob if you try, and you'll probably end up in a boring, lonely cell while your character's sanity returns.

5. Profiles: A good profile is used to creatively describe your character. Ideal profiles will only include information that can be gained from looking at your character. All other information should be role-played in-game.

Also, please don't advertize items/services in your profile or link to other websites aside from DGPlayersNetwork or DGSites -- it makes us crazy in the coconut.

6. Staying IC or In-Character: Please talk and act in-character in all areas except guild chat, personal messages and specific rooms that are defined as 'out of character' (OOC) chat areas. All characters are Trinaldian humans aged 18 or older and should fit in with the game civilization. Players and moderators in-game can offer advice if needed.

7. Plagiarism: We feel pretty strongly about creative license so please don't draw upon names or works of another person without specific permission.

8. PvP and Self Harm: As our game is for a range of ages, these aren't supported or allowed. At all. Also, please be careful in your role play to not force any action on another character (known as 'forced emoting') as this is also not permitted.

After a lot of 'what not to do' here's a pretty big 'do': Be involved, be interactive and have a great time. Players who contribute to the world in-game often find amazing things happening around them -- so stretch your creative muscles and enjoy!

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