Suggestions implemented and bugs fixed today

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Suggestions implemented and bugs fixed today

Postby Miranda of Admin » Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:10 pm

There were various changes made today (Zeric was very busy in Sunrifter) in which you may be interested:

1) If you have something equipped, for example a hat, you now do not need to unequip it first before putting on another hat. The new 'equip' will put your item on you, and return the other item back to your inventory.

2) Non-premium character names are now links in chat when the Crier announces that they have reached a new level of training. This will allow you to congratulate them.

3) If you have 0 power and try to heal yourself or others, you now get an error message rather than the message appearing in game chat that you have healed yourself. It may save you an unexpected subsequent death if you weren't paying attention.

4) We've implemented a change which should have fixed the bug causing items to appear as if they were on the market when they no longer are. If you notice this again (or see any issues related to these other changes) then please report anew in the bugs thread.


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