Able to pick up items while in the dark if you know ID#

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Corwin Skyborn
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Able to pick up items while in the dark if you know ID#

Postby Corwin Skyborn » Fri Aug 04, 2006 4:28 am

I was passing through the Leech Den. I slew a Leech and decided to see what was in the Dark area, I dropped a Torch upon the ground and was still in darkness. Out of random curiosity I clicked Backward to get back to the torch. I clicked the "pick up" option and the torch was picked up and back in my pack.
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Postby Hentez » Fri Aug 04, 2006 10:40 am

This was reported awhile ago, But I am to lazy to search for it.

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Postby Korba » Fri Aug 04, 2006 12:02 pm

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