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Alfred Elpin
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Postby Alfred Elpin » Sat Mar 09, 2024 3:23 am

Folks, I wanted to tell y'all that I'm happy to see the surnames popping up around the game. I know this was a difficult decision for some, and I admire you - surname chosen or not.

I appreciate Kailani, and admin, for not being heavy handed in this change.

While it didn't affect my characters (they all have surnames), I am thankful that the conversation was open to everyone and that folks were genuine in their questions, comments, and suggestions.

Thanks for being such a great community.
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Re: Surnames

Postby Topaz » Sat Mar 09, 2024 6:02 pm

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Re: Surnames

Postby Lavender » Sat Mar 09, 2024 9:58 pm

I had two to pick for, one already had a surname it just wasn't in her bio. The other did not, and while she could have taken her bondmates and been okay. For me I chose not to do so, because one: had this been implemented long ago she wouldn't have it now. And two: Past events have proven to me we never know what is going to happen. So for me it was safer not to. It is fun and interesting to see the names others have chosen. Those that took their long time bondmates names make me smile. The whole thing was an interesting thought provoking event. Thank you.
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