The haunted cemeteryvisit and contest.

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Postby Jade Silvermoon » Sun Oct 21, 2007 12:38 pm

Thank you to all who have entered, the contest winners will be announced here by 12 noon...EST :D
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Postby james silver » Sun Oct 21, 2007 2:51 pm

It was a Very Very hard choice to make but here are the winners for the poetry contest and the costume contest.

first place : Merit Du Goldsprings
Posting for Merit DU Goldsprings Char #141551

Softly the silence seeps into my soul
Accepting at last that I am truly old
Ancient to some , weary and tired
Still loved and even greatly admired
Oh these bones now creek
My heart still manages a faint beat

Sunrifter slides slowly silently across the sky
I lie watching as the blood drips at my side
The tide ebbs the birds fly by...
Turmoil of life seems so small at this time
I cough and I splutter , gasping for one last breath to pen a letter
Hoping and praying that the parchment be found

My minds seems to drift ,I cannot find the stylus or ink
My hands flounder ,I know I cannot last much longer
Forgetting quill I use my finger , in blood I write
I am thankful for the eternal joy of my life

I am thankful for the birds and friends and songs
I am thankful for the memories and the trees finding a place I belong
I am thankful for the hunt, and how battle made my heart pump
I am thankful for my wife the love of my life
I am thankful for so many gifts and treasures found
Listening to the excitement of the beautiful people in Valorn

My hands stop moving but not my mind
The carcasses of the beast they lay close to my side
The village is safe the temple not defiled
Mayhem they can no longer wreak to this seaside
Tracking them was too easy , just look for the trail of bodies
Restraint was never in me I should have waited for the rest of my party

Foolish was I to charge alone , but the temple was close and so was my home
I hear at last the voices coming near, my friends will soon find me laying here
Dying alone, yet finding peace at last , I take my last breath
Close my eyes and now become a memory of the past
One of many that hopefully when spoken off
Will always be said he remembered honor and courage first

Second place : Purazon
Rest deprived,
In a dreamless night,
Without hunger or thirst.

As nature grows cold,
And the leaves grow old,
the darkness seems the worst.

From the cradle that rocks unstable
a hand reaches for Life’s cable.
But it’s too late to be nursed.

Too late for Life to renew,
When a soul passes through
The gate of Death feels cursed

Standing for the open grave
It seems it’s Life we crave
Death doesn’t need to be coerced.

The veil of Life is thrown aside,
For noone can hide,
The sack of tears will burst,

Rest deprived,
In a dreamless night,
Life seems to be dispersed.


Tied for third place: Nya lyn and Jael
Easy torture talks
Bane of life endured
Sleeps beneath the dust

It cries uneasy tears
Sheds the dark for warmth
Condems the heart to rust

Raw it claws the sky
Furnace scalds the loss
Nightmare clouds the just

Escape of that unknown
Circles daily breath
Deviod of earthly trust

Nya Lyn
My char # 113826

((*grins* Can't resist . . ))

When it rains
The drops have fallen for so long
That when they strike the stream’s face
They displace it . . .

Piercing the tension

Until the surface
Bristling with the points of upraised spears
Seems as if defending itself

When it is merely making room

And reaching up to embrace each drop

There will be room for me
in the end
Beneath the last bruised clouds
As sunset fades the colors from the world.

And death will quilt me.
The warp and woof a framework of love
Wrapped with every color ever dreamed.

And I will hear the soft, hissed whisper
As each thread gently snaps
And I drift free . . .

I think that death is a bright, wet grey,
And hell is silence.

Jael ~ Char # 116102[


First place Elly
Ellyana Lilli the Grumptastic Green Goblin

The ugly lil' green-skined brat before you constantly chatters her sharp teeth, as she hops and scurries madly about in an annoying fashion - sometimes nearly crab-like, wiggling her large green ears and scrunching her unibrow as she sniggers an eville, mischievous snigger to all who pass.

As she chews on what appears to be bits of cow tail and candyballs, standing close to her N'Rolav beastie, a crabby and irritable yet satisfied scowl radiates across her hideously mis-shapen face, and she can be heard to chatter the words "silly fat cows" and "candyballs" as she munches and protects her prized goodies.

On the front of her tattered red shirt, which she frantically tugs at in an excited and demanding fashion, are the words‘FEED ME CANDYBALLS!!'

Wears a note, pinned to the back of her ragged drawstring pants which reads: 'If out of control - please return to her cage at The Learned. Warning: Highly temperamental and unpredictable. May bite if not given candyballs.'

**twists her troublous face into an irksome sneer, and points an accusing finger in your direction**

Second place: Carmela
**Standing at the entrance to the Cemetery is the most hideous spider you ever saw***** Standing almost 6 feet tall, is a huge black hairy body sported by 8 distorted hairy legs. The mouth has huge pointed teeth, dripping with what looks like green ooze and blood combined seems ready to devour you, along with deadened eyes of dull black stare at you. As you get closer you feel as though the creature is moving towards you...All of a sudden it lets out a blood curdling screech and attacks..............What happens next?

I want to thank everyone for entering. I wish i could give everyone something.

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Postby purazon » Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:45 pm

Was fun to participate, thank you for the opportunity and congratulations to all the winners! :!: :!:
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Postby Jade Silvermoon » Tue Oct 23, 2007 11:40 am

Well done to all the winners and thank you to all who entered**smiles brightly**
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