Short contest - explain a monster

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Short contest - explain a monster

Postby Miranda of Admin » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:05 pm

To enter, imagine an entry into a guide journal of Trinald's wildlife. I would like to see what you imagine when you come across monsters.
Choose one monster and write whatever you would like about its background - for example, its habitat, appearance, history etc.

It is not a writing contest, as such, it is more about creativity than writing skill. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes will not really be noticed unless it makes your entry too hard to understand.

This is not going to garner any grand prizes or honors, but there will be something nice for the winner and a possibility of earning my respect (and anyone who has met Miranda in-game will know that that is not an easy accomplishment ;) )

One entry per player please, on one monster. Be as creative as you like, but do not be obviously OOC. Anything you talk about should feasibly exist in the game (for example, your chosen beast will not prefer chicken nuggets as dinner, but it might eat lemons because those might exist in order to make lemonade.)

Do not use any outside sources, no plagiarism. This is to see what is in your minds as you fight your way across the world.

Deadline is 7pm EST on Sunday 12th August. Please post here, and make sure you include your character name and number.

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Postby Korrith » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:14 pm

Quick question:

Any word limit on this?

Thanks in advance. Interesting idea for a competition. Definitely planning on entering.

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Postby Miranda of Admin » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:17 pm

None. Just don't bore me.


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Postby Doors Ages » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:22 pm

So, describing it, it's past, bakground, and hideous appearance.

Piece of Cake :P
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Postby AKA Azure » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:22 pm

Just double checking...a creature that already exists in the game, yes?

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Postby Nya Lyn » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:23 pm

Does it have to be an existing creature in DG eg, like a strange creature...

..or can it be a made up one?
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Postby Miranda of Admin » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:25 pm

It should be a creature that is already in existence in Trinald. Although I know we have masses of creativity around, on this occasion please do not make a critter up yourself.

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Postby Thee_Ancient » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:29 pm

mostlikely it has to be something a person had to have fought before, right?

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Postby worldslayer » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:47 pm

I was on my way to vist the Bloated Ice Drake one day when I stumbled upon A mass of Greater Frost Demons. These creaters dwell deep inside the Lower Ice Caverns. The rigid tempatures and absence of light seem to be a favorite for the demons. I've often wondered how did these Demons came into being..From the remains oif these creatures I've dicoverd the essence of frost.hinting towards the use of magic...only a powerful enchanter such as Balthazar could have created them...but to what purpose? They seem to defend a huge drake that rests deeper into the caverns, other than that I can only speculate that Balthazar was wanting to rid himself of any brave adventerer that mght one day try to thwart his complete rule in valorn and these creatures seem powerful enough to slay ant unsuspecting adventerer. The entrance into the GreaterFrost Demon's lair is littered with blood and what appears to be remains of either a snow leopard or a snow hareor unlucky adventurers.. My guess is that the Greater Frost Demons find these creatures either rather tasty..or that is the only animal that will venture that far into the caves?.I've often thought that is was the lesser frost demons that ate the hares..and the other demons have eaten them to gain in power and strength to become greater, but of course I could be wrong. All I know is that they seem to have been around for quite some time..made apparent to me by their numbers, their strength, and the need for them to attack any and all who come upon their path.


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Postby AKA Azure » Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:12 pm

Altered some time ago by an enchanter hired to provide more game challenging game animals at the Royal Hunting preserve, the Carnivorous Death Bunny reproduces as quickly as its original unmodified strain. Luckily the Roc, prides of the Catbeast, and others in the preserve find it as much a delicacy as smaller predator birds find the bunny. Even the death bunny itself will willing devour others of its kind in specific situations.

The death bunny is larger in size and well able to take down unwary adventurers along with its more common diet of Belligerent Bos. Its ability to leap, its sharp teeth, and bloodthirsty outlook makes it a feared creature.

As the alteration turned it fully carnivorous, it is unable to take advantage of the lush grass and greenery except as something to lurk in, waiting to leap on the unwary. Its near constant hunger makes it willing to attack anything that happens by.

The male and female bunny meet only during the mating season, which occurs several times a year, and the female bunny is left to raise the young alone. The male often brings a courting gift of meat to keep the female from turning on him. A female death bunny comes into heat within days of weaning her young and turning them loose. The odors of her pellets change and draw male bunnies near. If more then one encounter the female, they will often fight until the loser retreats, is too injured to continue, or dies. For the victorious male, the latter is preferable as the amount of meat will often render the female more receptive.

Attempts to breed the beast in captivity have failed as without large areas to roam, the death bunny turns more homicidal and will attack others of its kind. From what few studies have been done, the bunnies live up to 5 years; however, luckily for the rest of Valorn, most die within their first year before reaching breeding age. This has kept their numbers low and encountering a bunny outside the preserve is rare indeed. No breeding populations have been found outside the Preserve environs.

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Postby Korrith » Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:20 pm

In the terrible plague that devastated the cosy farm of Milltown, among the cutest critters blighted by it's dark infection were the ducks in the pond.

Previously home to squealing kids hurtling old stale bread at anything with a beak, the pond area has now become simply a den of villainy and dilapidation that only a zombie outbreak can bring.

The once majestic Mallards of the murky waters have become decayed and are now considered a considerable threat to any adventurer who has not yet gained a profession.

Once orange, but now grey, the webbed feet are (aside from a swift broadsword up the backside) the Mallard's primary form of transportation and getting from A to B. Not that you can see them much behind a veil of what seems like constantly molting feathers... The infection still in full force.

The striking blue of the tail feathers is now mostly obscured by pus and black spots. It's body was always the sleek cold silver it is now, but it has never before seen such a state of ill health. Flapping it's wings will now only yield the flicking of chunks of bloody, rotten tufted flesh in every direction, and scars, bursting at the seams, line the underbelly.

Beady eyes punctuate the now mouldy, disintegrating green head. It's eyes speak of great pain, great evil, and great anger in a way words simply cannot.

And all this leads to the most sorry sight of all. The beak, now curved and out of shape, just sits there, on the front of it's face. It trembles and quivers, but cannot find words to say to explain the injustice it has experienced. All it can do is feebly quack, spurting out a splattering of coagulated blood.

To any young adventurer wishing to put these beasts out of their misery, you would do well to empower yourself with a little "Killicanian Courage", as it were, with a drink at nearby Milltown Inn before facing such fearsome foes and perhaps your first taste of one of the more tragic horrors to be a permanent mainstay of Valorn. Bottom's up.


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The Shadow Scourges

Postby rikm » Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:35 pm

The Shadow Scourges

Soon after the arrival of the Dark Lord, the halls of what today is known as ‘The Wall’ creatures of almost no physical substance started to appear. They are called Shadow Scourges. A fitting name as they seem to be dark shadowy forms which no light can escape. When one sees one it is as if a chill comes over them. The only thing they seem to fear is light.

They are the souls of those foolish enough to meet their end in ‘The Wall’. Becoming tormented shadows of what they used to be. These unholy creatures now prey upon those who seek passage through ‘The Wall’ hoping to add them to their number.

No one knows why they started to appear but I pray I do not become one among their ranks.

Vardamir ( 126452 )

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Postby Jayde » Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:51 pm

Contest Submission
Player Name: Wyndi
Player ID: 42558

Deep in the northwestern fastnesses of Valornian wilderness are a proud range of snowy peaks, containing numerous caves and dells, not to mention a host of exotic flora and fauna. The hoofprints of centaurs crisscross these white-capped spires high and low, marking out their sprawling territory and establishing the unspoken superiority of their race over all others within the confines of the hills...all, that is, except one. Where the chill is deepest and the storm is at its ever-raging epiphany, there exists a creature that even centaurs, in their age-old pride and purported wisdom, now avoid...the Glacial Gnomes.

While traversing the Snowy Plateau or foraging within the nearby Ice Cavern, one might notice the occasional furtive flicker of movement. Sometimes, such movement is only the reflection of muted sunlight on snow and ice; at other times, it is the stealthy approach of a Glacial Gnome. Whether assailed by bear and dancing dervish of snow on the flat-topped expanse of the plateau, or by the tooth and claw of any cavern-dwelling creature willing to brave the outside world, the threat of attack from a Glacial Gnome is not to be taken lightly.

These diminutive gnomes stand no taller than the average Valornian's elbow and are humanoid in appearance. Beyond that, however, the physical characteristics of these creatures are difficult to discern, most likely due to the chaos of whirling wind and scouring snow that often surrounds them. Some adventurers claim that Glacial Gnomes are made from solid ice and, by magical means, can appropriate the physical form of anything they desire; still others insist that the Glacial Gnome is static in its appearance, possessed of blank features, no visible mouth, and huge dark holes where eyes might otherwise rest. It is said by these self-same sensation-seekers that to stare into the empty eyes of a Glacial Gnome is to offer your immortal soul for its use, to imbue it with your own life force and, consequently, to afford it far greater power than it might otherwise have. Tales and myths abound, however, and in this time of strife and struggle, all but the most dedicated observer would find it nigh impossible to distinguish fact from fiction...and he who at last made the distinction might never live to tell about it. One particular facet of their physical characteristics is never disputed, however. When destroyed, a Glacial Gnome shatters into a fine whitish dust, to join the snow from whence it came, leaving nothing in its wake but a fist-sized crystal of ice which, although frozen, feels somehow warm to the touch. These beautiful but useless trinkets can often be found at the stands of wandering merchants the world across, should an adventurer not brave or strong enough to slay a Glacial Gnome for its heart decide to obtain one by less dangerous means.

Just as the physical specifics of the Glacial Gnome are shrouded in mystery, so is the history of the creature itself. Ancient beyond telling, even the oldest and wisest sages do not know from where the Glacial Gnomes originally arose. Many intrepid souls speculate that a mage, wishing to control Trinaldian weather, managed to create the Glacial Gnome when one of his spells went awry. If one should dare seek communion with a centaur from a tribe within the Western Mountains, however, one would doubtless hear the tale of Kor Tsae-Ka'alana, the arrogant second daughter of Time. who attempted to create life straight from the elements of which the world was shaped; elementals, as well as Glacial Gnomes, came about due to their goddess's haste, which caused her to forget that all living creatures should have souls; according to legend, the soulless creatures are beyond the influence of Balthazar and even the gods themselves, for they can be neither good nor evil without the etherial essence possessed by all other beings in the service of the gods or the demon lord. It is for this reason that all centaurs stay away from the Glacial Gnomes and their kin...they fear an entity that has no soul. Still others, having encountered Glacial Gnomes for themselves, label them as well-disguised and mysterious servants of Balthazar, mostly on account of their eagerness for trickery and wanton violence. The unfettered truth of their past may never be wholly revealed, but there is one fact about which very few Trinaldians will deign to argue: the Glacial Gnomes are growing more and more dangerous. Perhaps it is owed to the close proximity of Frost Demons in the Ice Caverns or the natuaal ferocity of the large bears and other carnivores with which the gnomes associate. Perhaps instead, the demon lord has become aware of another breed of creature and has begun to exert his malignant influence upon them in an effort to gain sway over them. Or mayhap the gnomes themselves have grown bold and have decided to let their natural bloodlust reign over their once passive nature for reasons that none save the gnomes themselves could possibly hope to comprehend. Whatever the reason, caution is strongly advised in the frozen northwest. A moment spent admiring the idyllic white paradise without heed to one's safety might very well be fatal, and one's grave could hardly be colder.

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Postby Yulan Marlboro » Thu Aug 09, 2007 5:57 am

Character Name : Yulan Marlboro
Character Number: 92401

Creature Name: Zone Horror
Appearance: Very humanlike, with the same limbs and body shape, the only difference is that the skin and flesh has been ripped off to reveal the muscles beneath, which have gradually turned brown from all the dirt and mud that it becomes covered in.
Creature Habitat: The DeadZone
Creature Feeding HabitsThe Zone Horror feeds on flesh, it eats any adventurer brave enough to enter the DeadZone, the Muscles around its mouth are stronger then usual humans have, so it gives it a strong bite which The Zone Horror is more then likely to use any chance it gets to reach human flesh.
Creaure Habits: Its very slow moving, but still strong, hence the fact that only the most skilled can strike them down, however without beheading these things will rise up again due to Balthazar's spells keeping them going, this is why there are so many of them, many forget to do so. The Zone Horror also does not like the Malice Horrors, indeed they will fight if they are together so they stay apart, the Zone Horrors remaining in the northern part of the Deadzone.
Creature History: The Zone Horrors are what remains of dead adventurers whom have died within Balthazar's field of spells and not reformed at a Life Monument, Many of them are in fact those from the Golden Age which you see buried around you, and some have been forced to rise up with dark spells to defend the place for Balthazar.[/u]

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Postby Korba » Thu Aug 09, 2007 8:20 am

The Red Crystal Guardian

The Red Crystal Guardian is an enigmatic and ancient creature. It is found most commonly in the western mountains between Caernivale and Milltown or below the most ancient structure in Valorn, The Wall. Both of these areas are difficult to explore fully and it seems the guardians manage to hide in the darkness or in the remote mountain valleys. A lucky adventurer will occasionally trap one of the crystal guardians on its own but more usually it will attack with the aid of a powerful centaur or one of the slippery soul leeches, whether these ancient automation have some way of controlling these lesser creatures or use the opportunity to attack when the adventurer is distracted is unknown.

The guardians themselves are an impressive sight, nearly seven feet tall they glow with the power of the crystal at there centre. There gait is sometimes ungainly but as they lurch towards you not many have the time to notice how unfluid there motions are. Encased in amour similar to the Transparent Alloy found in Ryndal they give little clue as to there working but occasionally as the sun catches them you can almost see whirling gears and spinning arms. Many have commented they seem more like the curious machines found in the mills of Milltown than a living creature.

It is my personal speculation that there similarity to the amour only found in Ryndal, there presence in the deep and ancient places of Valorn and the prize they guard which makes them so sought after suggests they where created by an ancient order (perhaps even the mysterious order of Ryn). They perhaps wished to scatter there knowledge in the face of danger. The powerful crystal guardian was then sent to hide where it takes a patient and cunning adventure to wrest there secretes from them.

How the guardians reproduce is the deepest part of the mystery, perhaps one day someone will stumble upon a cave in the western mountain where ancient machinery animates these suits of armor or one of the wise will fully understand the machinery under the wall where many golden age scrolls are being translated but without understanding how the process works.

One thing is certain, these rare creatures have been hunted since the first adventurers found there way into the mountains and under the wall and many more will test there skills with lance or blade to try and recover the crystal at there heart intact for the power contained within.


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Postby Richard DeVille » Thu Aug 09, 2007 11:50 am

Hunter's Journal, Richard DeVille #7027
Species: Tiger Spider
Habitat: Tall Grasslands
Wether it be through natural circumstances, or the subtle magic that seems to permeate the entire area in the East, the species of spider known as the Tiger Spider grows to enormous size here in the vast expanse that is known as the Tall Grasslands. While a similar spider is not unknown to Adventurers in the West, there it remains a small if sizable threat, isolated in a small patch of prairie. The further east and nearer the forest of Verthedge one travels, the larger these terrors seem to become, indeed some would seem almost a species onto themselves in size and ferocity, were it not for their near identical markings and attack habits.
Their hide is hard, extremely tough and seems to function as a form of natural armor alike to that of the Giant Ants. Its coloration seems to consist of shades of green, with slight variations dependant on their hunting grounds, darker colors near the edges of Verthedge, and lighter shades where there is naught but grass. This seems to grant them a great degree of cover and stealth, further aided by the wind that makes the grass stir continuously, hiding their movements.
The bodies of these ferocious beasts seem built for speed and agility with its long, powerfull limbs, this coupled with a lack of webbing found, leads me to believe they are active Hunters. Indeed, the silence of the Grasslands is often pierced by the cries of luckless Bandits or the desperate bay of their dogs. Having spent some marcs reading the markings of the passage of several different spiders, I am forced to draw some rather peculiar conclusions. While they do not display group tactics as one would expect from pack hunters like Wolves, several spiders may well work together to bring down a large potential meal as they do not appear hostile towards one another. Could the abundance of food be the reason for this odd behaviour?
As I have recorded earlier, the size of these creatures seems bound to their location, yet nearest to Verthedge I myself have found spiders to rival the Bears of the Mountains in stature. Perhaps it is again the subtle magic that seems at work here, or competition for food or age of the spiders themselves? I know not, perhaps I should endeavour to contact the Council of Ryndall...
the entry ends here

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Postby vardian » Thu Aug 09, 2007 12:13 pm

Findings on Centaur Research Project - Valorn
Character: Vardian, 14458

The centaurs populating Valorn have been exceptionally successful in adapting to their surroundings.

In appearance these creatures manifest as half human (the torso and head) and half a fur covered four-legged animal (waist down); the main key to their success. This complex mix of physical attributes has enabled them to adapt and migrate from the lower areas, where predators are more numerous and dangerous to them, up into the various mountain ranges to be found surrounding Valorn.

As four legged creatures, their considerable speed makes the centaur a formidable opponent. Even the most athletic of adventurers would find great difficulty in out-running a centaur charging. The hooves when raised are also a deadly weapon capable of cleaving a helm, and the skull inside it, in two. They are also extremely sure-footed; their cloven hooves gripping all types of terrain exceptionally well making their chosen mountain homes safe and accessible for them, while their natural enemy, man, must struggle at every turn. The creatures have managed to live in harmony with their fellow mountain dwelling creatures. Bears see them as no threat, and the glacial gnomes of the Western mountains would be crushed under foot without being noticed, and so avoid the centaurs with enthusiasm. The hunting tendencies of the centaurs towards the various cats to be found in the mountains are now all but extinct as the necessity to kill for skins has been removed by gradual evolution that has given the torso of the centaur a tough, almost hide-like skin. The skin, together with the profusion of torso body hair forming part of the attributes of the modern centaur, means they are capable of withstanding the toughest of cold climate. The Western centaurs have a thicker, finer hair on their legs than their Eastern cousins to deal with the intense cold. When winds are at their most intense and the temperature plummets, the centaur is capable of raising the follicles on the hair of the lower body making a thick, downy protective layer that traps the air thus insulating them well. The creatures will also stand facing into the wind, head bowed and arms crossed across the chest allowing the winds and snows to cut around them more easily. The centaur’s hair is worn long, almost as a mane, adding further protection.

The Eastern centaurs are very like their Western cousins, but there are definite physical differences. The muscles in the legs are slightly less developed as they do not fight with the great drifts of snow that the Western centaurs often must. Their hooves are slightly less hairy as they need grip rather than insulation, and the hair on their lower bodies in general is much coarser. They do not need the layers of fat they would in the West and so have developed spectacular upper body strength allowing them to shift great weights. Their torsos bear less hair. The hair of the head is much shorter and curlier and does not continue growing indefinitely.

Both centaur packs raise human weapons in violence against their predators and are extremely effective opponents. Their mastery of their terrain gives them a great advantage over humans who are now their only real predators.

The centaurs are an ancient race and have been mentioned in many writings including Annia’s journals. This gives us proof that they centaurs have been mountain dwellers for at least this long. These ancient ancestors of the modern centaur appear to have been extremely violent and bold, and much more in the open than Valornians find them today. Indeed Annia’s party describe huge boulders being hurled at them (one of which can still be seen today), proving their huge strength.

Despite these warrior like tendencies, when it comes to personal relationships, the centaur race is surprisingly gentle. While a centaur does not mate for life, their partnerships tend to be of long-standing and to have a genuine affection. It is possible, though extremely rare, to see two centaurs standing side by side gently biting each others necks and nuzzling. There also seems to be evidence of a genuine care for the young. Generally a centaur female will bear only one foal, and it is a precious thing. Remains that have been unearthed show excellent health and signs of great care. The young are kept high up on rocky passes that no human can reach. When Sunrifter becomes warmer, centaurs will ‘box’ on hind legs to prove their worth to the females who shamelessly encourage the behaviour. It is known for a centaur to be killed by blows to the head in this ritual.

Nutrition is scarce for the centaur. The mountain passes do provide some berries and vegetation is the main food source. It has however been known for the hungriest of centaurs, particularly in the East where there are not so many cats and small prey to attack humans for food. This does seem to be as a last resort and is not heard of in these modern times.

The centaurs remain largely a mysterious figure in the world of Trinald and inspire much art and poetry. Doubtless there is beauty in these beasts to counteract the deadly skill of them as an enemy.
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Postby Wyf_Broadskull » Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:10 pm

Scouting Report: Bandits

Bandits are seen in many places in Valorn, from the dark forest all the way to the Tall Grassland areas that surround Fartown. There are several separate and distinct populations among the bandits; the bulk coming from pirates long ago shipwrecked in and about the coastal areas of Valorn. Modern Bandits bear little resemblance to their Pirate forebears; having foresworn scraggly beards and eye patches in favor of the well-known Bandit Cloak.

Of most interest perhaps, the discipline shown among the Bandits that seems largely absent in their forebears. Bandits, most notably those that inhabit the forested regions between Dundee and Milltown, have developed a command structure. Ranks are assigned based on fighting ability (Sergeants), tactical ability (Captains) and of course, overall leadership of the clans (Generals). It is possible that even in this rudimentary system that that the Bandit Generals have some familial claim to leadership, but more research is needed.

Those bandits, once crew hands of fearsome pirate vessels discovered certain realities they were unprepared to face once they became shipwrecked, moved on to greener, less competitive pastures; or so they thought. The remainder of the population comes from failed adventurers--at least those fortunate enough not to be turned into Zombies-- and from those few citizens of the towns that could find no other way to support themselves or their families. Additionally there are citizens pressed into banditry as a means of protecting themselves and their families from the Dark Foe that plagues Valorn, Balthazar. Perish the thought that bandits might be in this aspect considered noble; all bandits are as ruthless as their cutthroat counterparts that inhabit the coastal regions.

Valornian Bandits are famous for their woodcraft. Sporting cloaks the deep green of the forests and grasslands that they inhabit the bandits blend almost seamlessly into whatever area they patrol. An inspection of the bandit’s cloak will reveal several items of interest. Small loops can be found covering the exterior of the cloak; into these loops, small branches and tufts of grass are inserted, thus allowing them to blend more effortlessly with their surroundings.

Bandits are notorious for their use of light armor, so as to increase their speed of movement, especially in combat. Their cloaks are constructed of a thin material; nearly sheer in appearance, but the fabric itself is tough and extremely durable. The cloak plays a dual role in this aspect as it not only serves to camouflage them, but is used for protection from blades as well. In a straight up fight between two combatants, bandits will often be seen using their cloaks to entrap and entangle weapons as well as the arms of those wielding them.

The Bandits that patrol the lands near Fartown employ slightly different tactics from their forest-dwelling cousins. Bandits in this region have taken to raising and training local feral dogs to act as companions in their scurrilous enterprises as well as using the dogs as alarm systems for Bandit Camps. Bandits in the Fartown area, having been given more room to develop have not to this point been pushed to the desperate acts of their Dark Forest counterparts. Bandits, in the Dark Forest frequently attempt to ambush and waylay travelers between Dundee and Milltown, whereas those in Fartown seem to be much less organized, lacking the leadership and command structure of the Dark Forest Bandits.

In this, the two clans differ so greatly it is possible to assume they may in fact be separate groups all together. This however is mere speculation, as penetrating the Bandit infrastructure, has to-date been impossible. Speculation further exists that the Fartown area Bandits may in fact receive orders form the Bandit Generals of the Dark Forest. More disturbing perhaps, is rumor of a network of as yet undiscovered Bandit leaders operating in Fartown.

Wyf Broadskull

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Postby Skyelark » Thu Aug 09, 2007 9:22 pm

Posting for Skyelark, 92014

Valorian Fauna-Wilde Beastes and Their Habitat #756

Wall Beast, Giant (see also-"Wally"): This giant creature, who is most commonly refered to as 'Wally' by the Valorian locals, resides under the Wall, a vast structure from ages past built to keep the creatures of the Wastelands at bay. This creature lives in a darkness so complete, that many unprepared adventurers have gone missing down there...though, one does wonder how, even in the darkness, someone can overlook a twelve foot high hulking hairy beaste. Though the beaste is tall, it hunches over to walk through the Wall, residing on the lowest level, often hiding in front of the easiest exit-the portal back into Milltown. Wally is mostly blind, which makes blessings of light almost essential in the quest to face this beaste, as the light causes him distress, making it easier to strike him.

Most curious about this particular beaste of Valorn, is his claws. Adventurers come from far and wide, braving the depths of the Wall to obtain these claws, which form most formidable gauntlets. These claws however, are very unique. While some ladies may lament broken nails from training, Wally has unique claws that grow back every twelfth marc. This touchy beaste does not enjoy having his claws cut off, though. So, after an adventurer bests him and gains the claws for gauntlets, he finds a hole to hide it, waiting for his mystical claws to grow back, lurking out of sight from travelers. How this rather large beaste manages to hide for half a day though, is yet to be discovered. He does not venture out, though, until he is sure his claws are back to full growth and after he assures himself that no one is lurking around the corner to steal his claws again.

NOTE: It is NOT encouraged that people seek this beaste out without due consideration of the dangers, and perhaps without the escort of a cleric. The writers of this book are in no way responsible for any injuries procured while research on the beaste was done.

Other books of interest:
Beasts to Avoid
Fiend or Friend?
Perfect Nails in Twelve Marcs or Less!

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Postby Aeyla » Thu Aug 09, 2007 10:25 pm

Ayla Pearl-117276
Subject: Obese Rat
Habitat: Sewers beneath Dundee
Appearence: At approximately 24 inches long, (not including the tail), this rat bulges and almost seems to have to waddle. Due to dragging its tremendous girth, the rat has a hairless spot along the length of its belly, which might be comical if it were not for the look of mania in its yellow eyes. Flea-bitten and oily, the hair on the rodent is matted and spotty. In addition to the sound of its belly dragging along the floor, an odor precedes the rat. This odor has been known to cause vomiting and fainting among constitutionally weak adventurers. It has sharp teeth, though they appear to be rotting, and with claws the size of a plains cat's, it is clear that this is no ordinany rat.
Diet: The diet of this beast consists of all manor of scraps and trash that originated as someone's supper at the Dundee Inn. The Obese Rat will voraciously devour any adventurer, or part of an adventurer, that it can sink its wretched teeth into. The most disturbing part of the Obese Rat's menu has only recently come to light. At some point, it became canabalistic in nature, feeding greedily on the other vermon found in the sewers. This includes the young, and even the rotting dead. It seems the appetite of the Obese Rat will never be quenched, for it even saw fit to swallow a KEY. Perhaps the solid texture of the key is what lead this rat to pursue more fleshy meals.
Origin: The origin of the Obese Rat is wholly unkown, However, it is widely believed that it began as any other normal rat, brought here as an accidental stowaway from a foreign shore. At some point, it may have been exposed to sorcery of some sort, hence, enabling it to grow to such a horrifying size. Eventually, it grew so large that it could no longer exit the serwers and began to eat the other rats and rodents, finally escalating to any adventurer that dared to climb down into the sewers far enough. It is common knowledge that this rat is mad with disease and everlasting hunger. Extreme caution should be taken by any preparing to enter the serwers.
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