Winter's Warming 2023 - Schedule of Events

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Winter's Warming 2023 - Schedule of Events

Postby Pallas » Fri Jan 20, 2023 9:44 pm

Winter's Warming Schedule 2023

Winter's Warming approaches once more.


The season will commence on Friday January 27th, and last until Sunday February 12th.See post

If you take a stroll across the plains during the season you might find The Giving Tree
If you complete a quest at the Tree and then find the Forgotten Portal, or if you hunt down Phlashe at the Still Grove and find memorondures, you may be able to leave or view frozen memories

Friday January 27th 4.30pm CST, 5.30pm EST, 10.30pm GMT. The season's Opening Ceremony will take place at the rosebushes south of Dundee.

Saturday January 28th 5pm EST 10pm GMT ROK invite you to their Dragon Ball to be held at their Ballroom Grove east of the Grand Hall.

Sunday January 29th 3pm CST, 4pm EST, 9pm GMT. Test your craftwork! Come along to the public bazaar in Dundee for an Ugly Sweater Party. There's an added twist once all have finished their creations.

Wednesday February 1st 6pm EST, 11pm GMT Shieldwall invite you to attend a Winter's Warming Wyvern Scale Workshop at the guildholding forge. Discover the many possible ways to utilise these useful items.

Friday February 3rd 5pm EST, 10pm GMT. Wiinter's Warming reminds us of the fallen. Make your way to the ice caverns and offer a prayer at the Warrior Shrine

Sunday February 5th, 5.30pm EST, 10.30pm GMT. The Crusaders of Hope invite you to their hall to mix with friends at a Winter's Warming Extension Party

Sunday February 12th 4.30pm CST, 5.30pm EST, 10.30pm GMT. Winter's Warming Closing Ceremony
The traditional Lantern Ceremony will be held in the gardens of Caer Laleldan.

(The usual blurb - if you're planning an event leave a post in a separate thread not here please. Drop me a message on this forum, on the discord server, or an in-game pm to make sure I add your event to the schedule. I'd suggest you leave at least two hours between events held on the same day.)


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