Costume Description Competition

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Costume Description Competition

Postby Alfred Elpin » Tue Oct 25, 2022 4:41 am

With Fall Fest in full swing, costumes are on the rise! Pick a costume and submit a description below!

Contest constraints:
Duration: Until end of Fall Fest
Word limit: 200!
Prize: I don't know! But, I'll figure it out!
Include: costume title (e.g. Squirrel, Demon Brute)
Because people have multiple costumes, you do NOT have to be currently utilizing the costume to enter or to win.

Here is a sample entry:


This squirrel demonstrates that the cuteness ratio of Sciuridae is mainly dependent on size. As this one is abnormally large for a squirrel, you can see how ugly it appears.

There are missing tufts of fur throughout his body, and his tail is disastrously bare. While he continues to have dark eyes, they are lifeless and occasionally pop right out of the socket.

While the squirrels around Valorn are hoarding nuts for the coming winter, this one is seen with a cluster of candy-balls, marauder melts, and fireworks - the latter of which should bring about some cause of concern.

No, if this squirrel were ever cute, it was long before the horrific change into a man-sized abomination of disfigurement.
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