Fall Festival 2022 Events

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Fall Festival 2022 Events

Postby Pallas » Tue Sep 20, 2022 1:48 pm

Fall Festival Schedule of Events

There are a few events associated with Fall Festival which occur before the commencement of the festive season.
As you may have realised, attempts to grow pumpkins have caused a certain amount of mayhem at the RoK guild hall. I'm glad to report the pumpkins have survived and flourished and will be ready for harvesting very soon. Various items collected while defending the pumpkin patch might be of use before festivities proper begin.

Saturday October 15th, 5pm EST 10pm BST. Harvest time - and the Pumpkin Weigh-In will take place at the pumpkin patch within the RoK guildholding.

Thursday October 20th, 6pm EST 11pm BST If you've collected any feathers or other items you might find assistance in finding a use for them at the Feathering taking place on the Worldbuilders' Lawn.

Sunday October 16th, 3pm EST 8pm BST. Need a new outfit or costume accessories for Fall Festival? Visit the Sewing Circle at Shieldwall's guest hall. Tess Weaver will be on hand to advise and demonstrate some useful tips.

Up until the end of FallFest you can enter a forum contest. Post a description of your costume here

Friday October 21st. FallFest commences See announcement

Alert your comrades! There's a possibility that FallFest treats may contain ingredients which are not entirely wholesome. Produce a warning poster and enter it into the FF Meme Contest. Entries can be posted October 21st-31st.

As is customary the gates to the graveyard will open on the day FallFest begins. From October 21st you will be able to view the existing epitaphs. Should you wish to leave one you can read how to do so here.

Saturday October 22nd 4pm EST, 9pm BST. Come along to the Athletics Grounds and enjoy being subjected to death in many inventive and amusing ways as you play FF 2022 Smites and Cannons!

Thursday 27th October, 4pm EST, 9pm BST. Visit the amphitheatre at the Amazon hall for Music with Zelele.

Friday 28th October, 4pm EST 9pm BST Visit Cerbie's and join a Lowshine Hootenanny!

Saturday October 29th, 5pm EST 10pm BST. Which will you be?

Saturday November 5th, 4pm EST 8pm GMT. Come along to the Dundee Inn for a game of Fall Festival Bingo

Sunday November 6th 5pm EST 10pm GMT RoK library. Brisingr plans an extreme solution to an extreme problem so join others there, and if you're not aware of what's been going on you may like to visit beforehand.

Monday November 7th End of FallFest See announcement

Please note -
End of summer time 2022
BST comes to an end at 2am on Sunday October 30st. Clocks will go back one hour, so the time reverts to 1am GMT.
Summer time ends in the US at 2am on Sunday November 6th.
In the interval between these dates and times the usual time differences between UK time and various USA time-zones will decrease by one hour.

The usual housekeeping-

I'll add events to the schedule as they're announced. If you are planning an event for Fall Festival please post details in a separate thread not here. And drop me a pm here on the forum, ingame or on our discord server to make sure I notice the announcement and add your event to the schedule.

I'd suggest if you plan an event on the same day as another that you leave at least two hours between starting times so that there's no undue rush for revellers to go from one event to another.


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