Summerfaire 2022 schedule of events

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Summerfaire 2022 schedule of events

Postby Pallas » Sun Jun 26, 2022 8:25 pm

The festive season of Summerfaire will run from the evening of Friday July 1st until the evening of Friday July 8th

Information regarding the festival season will be posted as it becomes available, and I will list events as they are announced.

Friday July 1st Commencement of Summerfaire. The traditional Opening Ceremony will take place on the Worldbuilder Lawn 4pm EST, 9pm BST

Sunday July 3rd 12noon CST 1pm EST 6pm BST. Visit the Bunnies for their Summer Slumber Party

Tuesday July 5th 6pm EST, 11pm BST. Visit the guildholding of Shieldwall. Join the celebrations to mark the anniversary of the guild's founding.

Friday July 8th End of Summerfaire. The Closing Ceremony will take place on the Worldbuilder Lawn 5pm EST, 10pm BST

The usual stuff -

If you're hosting an event please contact me by private message on this board, an ingame pm, or on the DG discord server to make sure it's added to this schedule.

Please announce Summerfaire events in a separate thread, not this one.

If two events are to be held on the same day, I'd suggest leaving at least 12 marcs between starting times so that participants in one event aren't unduly rushed to get to the next.


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