Spring into Archery

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Spring into Archery

Postby Brisingr Blaze » Thu Apr 28, 2022 6:19 pm

The RoK will be hosting a spring time gathering to take in the sights and allow folks the chance to take up a bow and arrow to prove who can hit the top marcs. Food and drinks will be provided, so just add a spring to your step and skip on over to the RoK memorial garden.

When: May 2nd at 4pm CST
Where: RoK Memorial Garden, its located north of Caer Laleldan. If lost look for the other big castle. From our courtyard its west then north.
Why: Its spring, spring into action

OOC notes, this game of archery will work similar to our game of pin the tail. A dice will be rolled, and depending on the dice roll will determine your hit. 1-2 is a miss, 3-4 outter circle of the target, 5- inner circle, and 6 will be a bulls eye. And you'll just RP whatever comes from the roll. This has also been placed in the IG description for quick reference.

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