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Images of Kailani

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2022 9:56 pm
by Topaz
In the Shieldwall guild, above the forge, is the Shrine of Light, which contains paintings on silk of gods and goddesses. Alas, there is not yet a painting of Kailani.

Look, adventurers, at the paintings already in that shrine, and if you are inspired to paint one, perhaps it will be chosen to adorn the shrine and honor the goddess Kailani.

OOC: Post the descriptions of the paintings on the forum, and the name of the character doing the painting. Deadline is Thursday, January 20. Winner's name will be immortalized on the painting and there will also be prizes, to be determined.

For questions, contact Topaz.

Re: Images of Kailani

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 3:17 am
by ZarockNight
Before you, hangs a frame, ornately carved with many forms of floral and fauna from Valorn. Made from the richest Verthedge wood, full of deep, rich hues of greens and browns. Polished to a high gloss near to polished sea glass. Within the frame, meets your eye and stunning monochromatic portrait, in a cornucopia of rich deep purples. Ranging from light as lilac to deep near black purples. Your eyes are drawn into the painting, falling upon a pair of eyes looking deep though your soul, eyes to seem to glow with power and energy. As you draw back a face seems to form out of a violent purple mist, a face of power and youth, yet foretelling of a knowledge of the ages. Silvery hair, glowing was a purple energy, frames a smooth, angular face.


Re: Images of Kailani

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 5:17 pm
by Topaz
The deadline for this contest has been extended to the end of Winter's Warming.


Re: Images of Kailani

Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2022 11:17 pm
by Pallas
(For context – some time ago Pallas entered the guildhall to find Kailani visiting the Emerald Mooon tavern and playing with JJ. Since that moment, JJ has reacted with an emoted purr when petted. The Magistra left before I was able to formulate my thanks. The portrait is my belated but heartfelt expression of gratitude.)

An imposing figure wrapped in a cloak with the appearance of purple smoke and a violet tunic bends forward. Although her expression is stern, there is a smile on the face of the Magistra as she pets the head of a large-pawed, fluffy tabby cat who is missing a hind leg. He wears a collar adorned with the name ‘JJ’.
A faint trace of a purple-violet aura, matching the colour of Kailani’s glowing eyes, envelops both the hand touching the cat and the head of JJ himself, seemingly flowing into his mouth which is slightly open.
Contrary to the opinion of some, cats do show facial expressions. That on JJ’s face is a mix of wonder, excitement and surprise.
The Magistra’s other hand is open, extended toward JJ in a gesture suggesting she has just bestowed a gift upon him.