Scootertide 2021 Events

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Scootertide 2021 Events

Postby Pallas » Mon Dec 13, 2021 7:56 pm

Scootertide is a player-run event.
This year it runs from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th December.
See Bifrost’s announcement

In honour of the furry canine friends, if your character was a dog what breed would they be?

There are a few celebrations for Scootertide -

Monday 13th December commencing 5pm-ish/6pm-ish EST 10pm-ish/11pm-ish GMT. Party at the Dundee Inn.

Tuesday 14th December. MSV - PP (Mythological Society of Valorn - Pyjama Party). At the guildholding of CSB. 5pm-ish EST 10pm-ish GMT

Thursday 16th December 5pm CST 6pm EST 11pm GMT Pin the Tail on Scooter at the Swashbuckler Inn, RoK guild hall.

Saturday December 18th 12noon EST 5pm GMT Don your best purple clothing and head to the Worldbuilder Lawn to celebrate Kailaniturn

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