Summerfaire 2021 - Schedule of Events

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Summerfaire 2021 - Schedule of Events

Postby Pallas » Tue Jun 22, 2021 12:36 pm

The festive season of Summerfaire will run from Saturday July 10th until Saturday July 17th

Information regarding the festival season will be posted as it becomes available, and I will list events as they are announced.

( OOC-ish request. The gods are rather busy during the Summerfaire period and request that if you plan an event which might require their assistance please contact them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE )

Saturday July 10th Commencement of Summerfaire.
Opening Ceremonyto be held on the Worldbuilder Lawn 4pm EST 9pm BST

Forum Event ending Thursday July 15th. The Clan of the Shrouded Bunnies would like you, in any medium or form you choose, to portray Beautiful Bunnies!

Sunday July 11th 12noon EST 5pm BST Visit the Worldbuilder Lawn and test your culinary skills as you try to Build a Better Burger


Tuesday July 13th. 5pm BST 10pm BST Join friends at Twilight Serenity's Emerald Mooon Tavern and spend a dozen marcs Recalling 'Riftershine

Wednesday July 14th 4pm EST 9pm BST Meet at the Worldbuilder Lawn and try your skill at producing a clay sculpture.

Thursday July 15th 1pm EST 6pm BST See how much Zarock and Olivia can strain your brain at the Dundee Inn during their Questions and Answers!

Thursday July 15th 5.30pm EST 10.30pm BST Summerfaire would not be complete without paint being thrown around! Visit the hall of Serendipitous Resurrection to take part in the slightly messy fun of the 7th Annual Paint War! The event will take place in the guild's no-longer-very-Secret Room.

Friday July 16th Join your friends and fellow adventurers for a Beach Bash Bonanza, courtesy of Zarock and Olivia. To be held on the beach shoreline.
First event - 12 noon EST, 5pm BST. A tournament of mintonette (beach volleyball)
Second event - 2pm EST 7pm BST. Sand sculpture competition.
Third event 4pm EST 9pm BST. Bonfire and scary story competition.

Saturday July 17th End of Summerfaire.

Sunday July 18th Closing Ceremony to be held on the Worldbuilder Lawn 3pm EST 8pm BST

If you're holding an event please contact Topaz (character no. 39789) and myself, by private message on this board or via an ingame pm so they can be added to this schedule. You can also leave a message for me on the DG Discord server.

Please announce Summerfaire events in a separate thread, not this one.

If two events are to be held on the same day, I'd suggest leaving at least 12 marcs between starting times so that participants in one event aren't unduly rushed to get to the next.


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