Winter's Warming 2021 Schedule of Events

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Winter's Warming 2021 Schedule of Events

Postby Pallas » Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:22 pm

Winter's Warming is approaching once again.

The season will commence on Friday January 22nd, and last until Sunday January 31st.See post

Friday January 22nd 5pm EST 10pm GMT Opening ceremony will be held at the rosebushes south of Dundee

Saturday Jamuary 30th 3pm CST 4pm EST 9pm GMTBunnies Frosted Formal at their hall

Sunday January 31st 3pm CST 4pm EST 9pm GMT Make a Snow Globe! Event to be held on the Worldbuilders' Lawn.

Sunday January 31st. End of Winter's Warming.

I will enter events into this schedule as they are announced.

(The usual blurb - if you're planning an event leave a post in a separate thread not here please. Drop me a message on this forum, or an in-game pm to make sure I add your event to the schedule. I'd suggest you leave at least two hours between events held on the same day.)


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