SR's 6th Annual Paint War

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SR's 6th Annual Paint War

Postby Cody F » Sun Jul 19, 2020 7:44 pm

It wouldn't be Summerfaire without friends getting all insanely covered with paint!
If you were worried it wouldn't be happening, no need to fear! The paint war will be coming back to you all this Summerfaire.
So bring your least favorite outfit and get ready to make it a variety of colors and covered in sparkles. As always there will be prizes that I will hand out to whoever I feel like...I mean probably most painted, least painted and whoever got the most into it...yes that's what I meant :D :wink:
Contest will as always be at the secret area in SR's hall...ask around to find it, of course its a secret so maybe be sneaky and follow footprints? :wink:

(ooc: Paint war will be Tuesday July 28 at 5pm EST, and all those other fancy times I'm hoping someone can fill in for me :D)

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