Poetry and Pints!

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Poetry and Pints!

Postby Pallas » Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:31 pm

Twilight Serenity cordially invite all adventurers to join them for a few marcs of wordplay in the convivial atmosphere of some of the land's bars, inns and taverns.

Meet at the hall of Twilight Serenity in the Emerald Mooon tavern on Tuesday November 19th at 6pm EST, 11pm GMT.
We shall set out on a tour of nearby establishments. (Okay, it's a pub crawl.) If all goes according to plan - yes, we know how well that works! - at each establishment a prompt will be given for those who are interested in making up on the spot a short poem or limerick in response. A small cash prize will be given for the best attempt.
At the end of the event we will reassemble at the Emerald Mooon, and a prize will be awarded for the best overall poem/limerick.
Feel free to stay at the Emerald Mooon to relax, chat, tell tales, recite poems or limericks, whatever takes your fancy.
Estimated return to the TS hall - 8pm EST, 1am GMT Wednesday morning 20th November.

Taven and Pallas

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