Character Profile Creation Dice-Rolling Tables

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Character Profile Creation Dice-Rolling Tables

Postby Ben » Sat Apr 08, 2006 2:56 am

This is an optional list of tables that will allow you to help round out your character. Using these tables will allow you to roll up random elements of your character, such as physical, mental, and family details. This can make roleplaying both more challenging and more fun, as you deal with your character's special traits and quirks. After all, many of our abilities and limitations are set at birth and are not our own choice... why not see what traits the gods graced your character with when he was brought into Valorn by using this random system?

All you will need to use this sytem are two 10 sided dice... one for the first digit and the second. It helps if they are two colors, so one can always be your first number, and one can always be your second. So for instance if I have a red die and a blue die, and I roll an 8 on my red die and a 2 on my blue die, the number I rolled is 82. Of course, if you have two 10 sided dice in your possession you probably already know this so my entire explanation has just been a waste of space.

If you do NOT have two 10 sided dice, there are online sites that will do these rolls for you:

And now for the tables:


Roll #1
00-25 : Short
26-70 : Average
71-100 : Tall

Roll #2
0-20 : Thin
21-75 : Average
76-95 : Stocky/Voluptuous
96-100 : Overweight

Roll #3
00-15 : Blue
16-45 : Brown
46-60 : Hazel
61-75 : Gray
76-97 : Green
98-100 : One of each of two (you pick).

NOTE: Hair and skin color are purposefully omitted. To set % chances for those would force me to say things about how people are racially distributed in the world, which I don't want to mess with right now. =) Decide for yourself on a skin and hair color.

Rolls #4,5,6
Other Prominent Physical Characteristics (roll three times)
00-35 : Nothing
36-40 : Lazy eye.
41-45 : Scar on face.
46-50 : Scar elsewhere on body.
51-55 : Slight limp.
56-60 : Missing finger or toe.
61-65 : Missing ear.
66-70 : Large nose.
71-75 : Prominent brow (aka big forehead).
76-80 : Missing teeth.
81-85 : More body hair than average.
86-90 : Warts.
91-95 : Sharp teeth.
96-100 : Large eyes.


Roll #7
Basic Personality Disposition
00-6 : A mean and suspicious person, trusts few.
7-12 : A shy and timid loner.
13-20 : A gung-ho hero type who loves combat.
21-25 : A worry wart who is constantly cautious.
26-37 : A hot-head who is quick to anger, but is basically nice.
38-45 : A schemer and gambler who loves risk-taking.
46-50 : A blabber-mouth who nevertheless means well.
51-56 : A wild person who us overconfident, often leading to trouble.
57-66 : A nice person who is friendly and curteous to all.
67-74 : An arrogant snob who feels superior to others.
75-83 : A tough loner; a lone wolf.
84-88 : A paternal and caring person, sometimes overprotective of others.
89-93 : A constantly stressed person, always aggravated about something.
94-99 : A paranoid who thinks somebody or something is out to get them.

Rolls #8,9
Insanities and Phobias (roll two times)
00-10 : Nothing.
11 : Frightened of loud noises.
12 : Obsessed with cleanliness and avoiding dirty or stick things.
13 : Distrust of magic and enchanters.
14 : Strong distrust of strangers.
15 : Obsessed with timeliness.
16-20 : Nothing
21 : Fear of the dark.
22 : Fear of all animals.
23 : Fear of heights.
24 : Obsessed with your own appearance.
25-40 : Nothing
41 : Severe mood swings when under stress.
42 : Obsessed with fine food and drink (strong dislike of lesser foods.)
43 : Distrust of rogues.
44 : Obsessed with a specific object (a prized possession.)
45-70 : Nothing
71 : Obsession with obtaining wealth.
72 : Fear of rats and other small animals.
73 : Fear of insects.
74 : Fear of the dark.
75-95 : Nothing
96 : Distrust of magic and enchanters.
97 : Contempt for simplistic warriors.
98 : Hatred of greed and, by extention, money.
99 : Blinding hatred of bandits of all kinds.
100 : Blinding hatred toward sea dwellers.


Roll #10
Very General Place of Birth and Childhood
00-8 : Born and raised in Dundee.
9-18 : Born and raised in Milltown.
19-23 : Born and raised on Kilican among normal townfolk.
24-26 : Born and raised on Kilican among pirates.
27-28 : Born and raised on Ethucan.
29-32 : Mysterious past. Can't remember details.
33-42 : Born and raised in Branishor among normal townfolk.
43-48 : Born and raised in Branishor among clerics.
49-51 : Born and raised among forest bandits.
52-62 : Born and raised near Fartown.
63-68 : Born to enchanters and raised in Ryndall.
69-76 : Born and raised in Caernivale.
77-82 : Born in Branishor, but moved to another town.
83-90 : Born in Milltown, but moved to another town.
91-94 : Born in Fartown, but moved to the big city (Dundee or Branishor).
95-100 : Born in Dundee, but moved to another town.

Roll #11
00-40 : You are an only child.
41-60 : You have one brother.
61-80 : You have one sister.
81-85 : You have one brother and one sister.
86-90 : You have two brothers.
91-95 : You have two sisters.
96-100 : You have three siblings (you pick gender).

Roll #12
Primary Motivation for Becoming an Adventurer
00-8 : Family was killed by demons or some other creatures.
9-21 : Desire to seek fame.
22-31 : Desire to seek fortune (plat!)
32-34 : Desire to test yourself or overcome some personal weakness.
35-37 : Bored of everything else.
38 : Chased out of town by superstitious folk who thought you to be cursed.
39-60 : Desire to make Valorn a safe place.
61-68 : Hatred of demons and Balthazar.
69-78 : Desire to seek the favor of the gods.
79-89 : Desire to see wonderous places and people and things.
90 : Mysterious feeling like adventuring is just something you should do.
91-92 : Looking for a missing relative or friend.
93-95 : Specific desire to travel to Ethucan.
96-100 : Specific desire to obtain a particular profession, because it has always been your dream.


These should give you a great start to a character! You can flesh out the details from there, to make each of your characters complete and unique. I will do one for fun as an example.

I create a new character, naming him Sean Agraphinis, a male. I go the URL provided near the top to roll some 10 sided dice (12 of them, remember.)

I get:
Roll 1: 62.
Roll 2: 83.
Roll 3: 78.
Roll 4: 58.
Roll 5: 36.
Roll 6: 35.
Roll 7: 39.
Roll 8: 77.
Roll 9: 13.
Roll 10: 50.
Roll 11: 67.
Roll 12: 78.

SO.... my character
Roll 1: 62. Sean is of average height.
Roll 2: 83. He is a big boned, stocky fellow.
Roll 3: 78. ... with green eyes.
Roll 4: 58. He is missing his middle finger on his left hand.
Roll 5: 36. ... and he has a lazy eye, from his mother's side of the family.
Roll 6: 35. NOTHING. Sean just has a lazy eye and a missing finger, then.
Roll 7: 39. Sean is a schemer and a gambler. Probably led to the missing finger.
Roll 8: 77. NOTHING (no mental stuff yet!)
Roll 9: 13. Sean distrusts magic and enchanters. Who doesn't? Slimy buggers...
Roll 10: 50. Sean was raised by forest bandits! Away from creepy enchanters.
Roll 11: 67. Sean has one sister, who he is extremely fond of. Little forest bandit princess!
Roll 12: 78. Sean wants nothing more than to please his makers, Ben and Cory, and has set out for a war on demons to please the gods.

From there I can flesh my character out, but I have a great start to it!
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