Roleplaying Rules

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Roleplaying Rules

Postby Ben » Fri Jun 18, 2004 2:30 am

Dark Grimoire is a fantasy world. As such, you sign in every day to be another person... not yourself. To keep the world as self-contained as possible, there are certain general rules regarding the allowance of out-of-character talk (OOC talk).

1. The only places out of character talk are allowed are: The north room of the Dundee Inn, Guild Chat Channels (if your guild allows it), and Personal Messages.
2. Another way of saying that: any chat that goes on in normal room chat must be in-character.

Like I said, basic rules.

For those of you who do not know, OOC talk is any chat that does not have to do with what your character in the game experiences or knows.


For instance, speaking of the game interface is NOT out of character. If somebody says "Hit your N button to walk north," that is NOT out of character, because it is part of the functional part of the world. It would be similar to somebody in real-life saying "To walk, place your left foot in front of your right foot and shift your weight, then do the same with your right foot in front of your left." This is okay. Other examples of things that are in this "OKAY" category are:

"I need 10% more XP to reach level 20."
"I have 1 death left this hour."

These things have to do with the mechanics of "living" in Valorn, and are not censored.

Examples of things that ARE OOC and prohibited are:

"Tonight I am going to a club down the street to have a beer with my boyfriend."
"OOC: Did you see the Lakers get killed the other night?! WOWEE!"
"Do you want to play Starcraft later?"

I think it is pretty easy to tell the difference.
The other type of OOC talk that is prohibited is any talk that takes the other characters out of the moment. For instance, after a gigantic fight in which the warriors of the town take down a big monster, if somebody starts whining and complaining about the game, that is OOC. Or, if somebody get something cool, if you start telling them "Thats just because of a random spawn, foo", that would be out of character... and just plain rude.

Also, please make an attempt to not use "modern" language. I do not expect everybody to run around going "Hail, fellows! How art thou doing this fine morn?" or anything... but you should easily be able to avoid saying things like "Sup d00ds!? What r0x0rz monsters are we gonna kick around today?!"

OOC rules will be enforced a variety of ways. I cannot, of course, enforce the rules all the time, because I am not on all the time. However, since nobody really knows when I am on, it is safer to follow rules all the time. Penalties can include having bad spells cast on you, getting teleported to nasty places, losing lives for the hour, and, in certain rare cases where nothing else is working, trips to jail or even banning.

We are committed to keeping the world of Valorn a place for active roleplaying, and want players who are committed to the same goal.
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