Color Code Key for Premium Chat

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Color Code Key for Premium Chat

Postby Ben » Sat Mar 06, 2004 6:58 am

Red - [C-R]

Light Red - [C-LR]

Blue - [C-B]

Light Blue - [C-LB]

Gold - [C-G]

White - [C-W]

Color Off - [/C] (On most browsers, including newer versions of MSIE, the color will go back to white automatically after you hit enter. On some, you may have to use this closing command in order to get the color to stop... or maybe even to keep major errors from happening.)

To change colors in chat, just put the right designator in the beginning of your sentence. For instance, if I want to say:

Hi, my name is Ben

with the beginning part of the sentence in red and my name in blue, i would actually type:

[C-R]Hi, my name is [C-B]Ben[/C]

To do links, just do [URL*][/URL*] without the *s (Had to use them here, because the code for the boards is the same as the codes in game for this feature. ;))
Please note that the http part is not optional.

Remember, this feature is for Premium Users only. Sign up today to get this feature, other great features, and to support the game!
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