VERY important news update- please read

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VERY important news update- please read

Postby Miranda of Admin » Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:44 am

Hello everyone.

After a couple of months of discussion, it has been decided that we (Dark Grimoire) will no longer be partnered with the company who were going to be significantly involved in the coding of the game moving forward. This is in no way because of the game, the players, or anything negative like that - you're all amazing.

We have tried for a couple of years to make it work, but time differences / busy lives etc mean that the plans they outlined have been unable to happen. It has been frustrating to me because I have not been able to make minor changes and updates during that time, and it feels very much like things have stalled. I am also highly conscious of how frustrating it also is to the players. I have been very quiet since the new year because I wanted to be able to tell you exactly what is happening, and it has now been fully agreed.

As a result, within the next two weeks or so the game server will be handed back to me under my sole name. At least this means that I will be able to implement minor script changes etc myself for the first time since 2015, and will also be able to very clear with you, the community, what will and won't be possible rather than having to ask someone else.

I am very grateful to the partners because they were instrumental in moving the game to new servers, and in updating the coding so that DG didn't fall over. That in itself was a huge amount of work, and has enabled me to keep DG going. I am also grateful because Kane was part of that organization and has been one of the most creative and prolific Admin that the game has known. He has made the decision that stepping down is the right thing for him personally, and of course while we are all going to miss him I believe that this is the right thing for him. On a separate note, not connected to that organisation, we have also lost our incredible game artist.

This is a lot of change, and I imagine you're all wondering what will happen to the game now. Please, be assured that myself and Zeric are going to do everything we can to keep things going. We want to keep you engaged with storylines and activities, and we want to be able to implement whatever updates and suggestions we can at the moment.

The unavoidable knock-on effects will be that there will be no new icons in the game until we have someone else to produce them, and also the Drakon storyline is going to be truncated from its original two to three year projected arc. Drakon was very much a Kane character and I do not want anyone else playing him long-term. We're working hard to rewrite storylines at the moment, so stay tuned.

Now, more than ever, I need your support. I feel in some ways that I have let you down, we were so excited about all the possibilities to come and they haven't come to much. I'm sorry, if you feel the same way. So much of myself has been invested in the game and you, the players, for over 12 years (I've been Admin for just over ten years. I feel old) and I'm unwilling to let this stop us.

I will do everything I can to make this work.

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