Non-Contact Orders - please read.

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Non-Contact Orders - please read.

Postby Miranda of Admin » Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:05 am

We've had a recent flurry of emails about players breaking non-contact orders. In previous years, a non-contact order was incredibly rare and I thought I would just take this opportunity to highlight what that really means.

Non-contact orders are used by a player when there is a problem with OOC harassment. This means that you respectfully ask a player not to send you any OOC PMs. Most of the time they will not need to send you PMs after that point but there may well be times, for events etc, where they will have to send you an IC PM. This would be acceptable. No other OOC contact would be expected, and hopefully you would not have given them any kind of real-world contact details (if you have, we are in no way responsible for this.)

What a non-contact order does NOT do, is stop a character (or alts of that player) from interacting with you in-game. You need to be able to separate character from player. They are not prohibited from being in the same area as you or taking part in role play surrounding you. If there is clear evidence that they are using their character to harass you in-game, that would be something to then pass on to us with evidence - but this is really rare (and difficult to get away with.)

It is also not to be used just because you don't like someone. In the event that you do not get on with someone, please just ignore them as you would in real life.

In short, you can ask a player not to contact you OOC. You cannot limit a character's IC actions unless they are specifically harassing you, the player, with that character.

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