Banning of Nih Betodaru

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Banning of Nih Betodaru

Postby Miranda of Admin » Mon May 04, 2015 1:28 pm

The player of Nih Betodaru has been banned from the game today. All accounts linked to him have been banned.

This was a difficult decision to make because he did not clearly break a published rule to the extent for which I would normally ban a player. However there is past precedent for Admin banning in a situation where it is believed that the game and its populace would benefit from the removal of a player and their characters, and I believe this to be the case here.

He has been banned for constantly pushing the boundaries of acceptable role play, multiple player complaints of harassment, and rigging the stature vote list.

Please do not discuss this or the character (or alts) in game. If you have reason to believe that the player has returned to the game, please report this via email.

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