NEW RULE - blood drinking

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NEW RULE - blood drinking

Postby Miranda of Admin » Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:27 pm

Posted in game today:

I'm about to make a new rule. It's not something I thought I'd have to specify, but there we go. And before anyone moans about it curtailing their role play, tough. I don't often lay down the absolute law, and I prefer common sense to rule, but in this case what I say goes. So listen well. Let me be absolutely clear on this: there will be no blood drinking in this game. I would say *human* blood, but I can't be bothered with people deciding to sneakily work around the rules, so here is a blanket ban on blood drinking. No biting other people, with or without consent. No drinking your own blood. And absolutely, categorically, no licking up the blood of dead or dying human fatalities. I'm making the call that such things go well beyond the teen rating I'm aiming for here, and no. I'm not interested in arguments about Twilight or human vampirism. This is the end of it. I will ban outright anyone who further engages in this, or who continues to fawn and shiver over those who do. Play a 'darker' character if you will. But engaging in activities that would make you an outcast from human society - such as that - and I will *make* you an outcast.

Seriously people. I prefer to rule with a gentle hand, but you don't want to push me too far.

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