I would like to call attention to Gameplay Rule 12

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I would like to call attention to Gameplay Rule 12

Postby Jane of Admin » Wed May 02, 2012 2:34 am

12. Multiple Accounts and Account Sharing. Multiple accounts are allowed in The Dark Grimoire. You are also allowed to have multiple premium accounts, but you would have to pay a subscription fee for every account you wish to make premium. You may also have multiple forum accounts for your multiple characters. To avoid confusion, we recommend no more than two or three forum accounts per player. Blessing or enchanting characters on one account with others on the same account, or dropping and picking up items in that manner, is against character interaction rules. This includes treasure box opening between two characters on the same account. If you have multiple accounts, those characters may interact with each other in such a manner.

Each individual person who plays The Dark Grimoire should have their own account(s) and may not share their account with others. If you have a friend who you wish to introduce to The Dark Grimoire, please have that person start his or her own free account. Do not let friends or family play on your account, and do not loan out your account to others (for instance while you are on vacation.) Each account is to be played by only one person.

NOTE ON ENFORCEMENT: Because multiple accounts are allowed, if any one account on a particular computer or in a particular location breaks the game rules and has to be banned, ALL accounts at that location will be banned. So if a family of three with a father, mother, and daughter has a total of 8 accounts, and the daughter breaks the rules and has to be banned, ALL 8 ACCOUNTS FROM THAT HOUSEHOLD will be banned permanently. This is because in allowing multiple accounts it is difficult to tell which account belongs to each person. Every person in a household or a location is, therefore, responsible for assuring that the others play within the rules. If you think a friend or family member might be irresponsible, do not introduce them to The Dark Grimoire. Claiming that someone else used your account, for example a sibling, is not an acceptable defense in the case of rule breaking. Please ensure that your account details are completely secure.

This rule has started to become increasingly abused by the community with individuals “alt flipping” to bless or enchant another character on the same account, dropping items in order to move them from one character to the next, and so on.

Consider this a warning that this rule will be enforced more often from now on. This is a role playing game, and it does not make sense that the various characters on the same account interact with each other. Game wise they cannot appear at the same time and blessing, enchanting, trading items, opening boxes for people who cannot exist in the same place does not make sense. DG is an excellent role playing community; please help us keep up these standards.
Characters on different accounts may interact with each other; characters on the same account may not.

PS. This announcement is very similar in nature to the one that dealt with viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8191 (Gameplay rule 5 is the profile rule as it was referred to before the rules update of April 2011.)

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