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From the Darkness

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:34 pm
by Drecq Lexenstar
Written in the Journal of the Warrior

The long sleep, a darkened void that consumes the many regardless if they are strong or weak. It comes like a Rouge in the night and enchants your soul faster than any spell that can be cast by any Enchanter. Once you are ensnared by it you will not find it easy to break free from its grasp. The dark shroud of the Goddess of the Long Sleep is a maiden of great bewitching beauty and who's voice can soothe the soul of the mightest of warriors.

I have felt her gaze upon me more times than I care to mention, she has laid waste to my strength and my resolve more times than I can count. In all my battles fought I never feared to be defeated...but to her, I feel that defeat would be absolute, though it seems when I believe that my resolve is finally broken by her grasp...I somehow return to the place where I laid down my head. Why does she play this cruel game with it not enough to watch so many of my ilk fall to her but to torture me this way is a fate far worse than the Long Sleep.

Or is it...