Have you met Bones yet?

Post here with tales of your in-game adventures, as well as any special events, quests, or invasions.
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Have you met Bones yet?

Postby krystoff » Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:11 pm

I am currently hunting within the Deset Tombs. I've traveled several times within those darkened halls. One of the paths in the north holds rsidence a small sewer rat. How he got there still eludes me! I've tried to fight him, tried shooing him off..yet he still remains! After several trips, I finally relented, throwing some crumbs as I passed. Soon, He began to expect me. Later, he would stand in my pa h as he sat on his hind legs, his front paws in a begging posture as his nose twitched! I still see him quite often, Pausing to rest as he and I share a part of a Bos Burger. I've begun calling him Bones, as he is surrounded by dead skeletons and decaying feeders. Should you happen to see him in your travels, stop and say hello! Be sure to have some crumbs, and rest a spell! He may offer to protect you! Here's to Bones!!
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