Warrior Shrine

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Warrior Shrine

Postby Brisingr Blaze » Tue Jan 31, 2023 7:55 pm

A tale passed from one adventurer to another; the whispers carried on the cold night sky.

The Bloated Ice Drake used to roam the Ice Caverns before it consumed so much that it became unable to leave its chamber. An adventuring party had been sent to slay the beast for the wellbeing of everyone in the surrounding area. Little did they know the Ice Drake would be lying in wait for the party as its minions had alerted it to the incoming danger.

The party thought they could brute force their way in and hurry back in time for a mid-turn mead in Milltown. The natural wildlife in the area fought to protect themselves from the onslaught as they pushed forward into the cavern. Demons coated in ice greeted them with a warm reception, the adventurers hadn’t seen demons like this before and thus were unprepared aside from the one enchanter among them that carried a fire staff.

With fire staff in hand he seared a way through the ice coating for the warriors to run their blades through the exposed chink in the ice armor. Cooper lingered in the air as both human and demon blood ran free. When the encroaching ice demon assault stopped, the party regained their composure and searched the area only to find no opening to continue onward.

The enchanter found a thick set of ice in a corner that appeared to have been piled on to cover something. With a wave of his staff, he let loose a barrage of fireballs that cracked through the ice revealing a previously hidden path.

Downward into the darkness they pushed, more enemies greeted them. Worn out from previous battles, their numbers started to thin just as a thunderous clanking rocked the cavern around them. The remaining members of the party pushed forward only to be stopped in their tracks by an Ice Drake. Before they could get off a single slash or spell, the Ice Drake unleashed a frozen breath catching the whole party in mid-stride.

One member had barely managed to escape the breath, but he wasn’t without some damage as his leg had been frozen to the ground and the minions surrounded him… cooper bathing the cavern floor.

Over time people came across this frozen scene and erected a Shrine to the fallen.

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