Sukie meets Everest - Dragon Myths

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Sukie meets Everest - Dragon Myths

Postby Brisingr Blaze » Wed Feb 02, 2022 7:45 pm

Many turns long since passed, as time ebbs and flows throughout the land called Valorn. We take you back to a time when dragons roamed the skies and bos prices were at an all time high. This is the story of how Everest met her first enchanter friend outside of Agrabur, she had heard many tales about how trade would come and go from here to Footholt or Branishor via the way of the Wall that was strictly guarded. She had seen those guards first hand as they walked along the edges of the Wall keeping watch.

During this time the demon's march hadn’t reached their climax yet, and so travel flourished and life was good. Sukie was a woman in her mid to late twenties and had just gotten permission to start venturing outside of the fortress of Ryn. Her parents were strict and made her keep to her studies, on this particular turn she had wanted to go to Agrabur to get a trinket for her mother as a gift on her birthturn.

Everest had been soaring over the skies of the Wall nearing her way toward Agrabur, when she saw a dark portal open up on the outskirts of the city and a horde of demons poured forth then close behind them. At first she paid it no heed, as during this time the dragons had not agreed to get into the affairs of humans and so she circled from above watching, as the guards took note and started to slowly pick off the demons, but it was during that clash that a scream rang out from the eastern side of the city.

One of the demons had managed to get around the human ranks and was attacking a woman that carried just a carved wooden staff and it was becoming more clear by the marc-let that this woman was no match for this demon. Everest had seen stuff like this before, but this time it was starting to get to her.

A streak of fire erupts in a wave from the tip of the staff, causing the demon to let out a shriek and recoil back this time keeping its distance from the woman. “Back you!” She hollers looking around for any sort of back-up as she had never fought a demon before and knew they were nothing like the practice dummies she had trained on. This was a creature with living breathing thoughts.

Everest saw the streak of fire, and then heard the woman screaming. She wasn’t familiar with humans that could use magic of any sort. Unlike her mate Inferno she stayed to the western side of the Wall and wasn’t familiar with Ryn and its magical workings. So this human peaked her interest and thus with a gust of her wings, she started to descend down to where the woman and demon was.

The demon let out a blood curdling cry, and lunged for the women when it saw the dragon making its way down. Sukie parries the blow and does a tuck roll to get out of the way but stops in her tracks when she sees the dragon before her.

“Listen well human… I have opted to help you, because you make me curious.” Everest says as she projects her thoughts into Sukies mind.

Sukie looks at the dragon with wide eyes, as she rubs at her temple having heard the voice in her mind and with a turn of Everest's head, she owns her mouth wide, teeth a plenty and lets out a burst of flame that catches the demon off guard. A pile of ashes litter the ground, "Such easy things to kill. I think I'll be keeping an eye out for your smell.”

Before Sukie could open her mouth to speak, she was blown gently back by the beat of the wings, as Everest begins to take off when guards can be heard coming in their direction and come to a halt when they see a blue dragon mid take off.

Even they knew not to mess with the might of a dragon, so both the guards and Sukie watched as Everest took off back towards the Wall and disappeared from sight. The guards come over to her, eyeing her from head to toe and only spot a few scraps and bruises. “A demon slipped through..” She musters, as it was clear this whole event shook her up. “The dragon… she spoke, she saved me.”

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