Introduction - Dragon Myths

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Introduction - Dragon Myths

Postby Brisingr Blaze » Mon Jan 24, 2022 8:19 pm

In ages long past, in a time of calm and prosperity these intelligent beasts of might and wisdom roamed the lands and the skies. Two dragons; one of fire and the other of ice. They clashed in skirmishes and battles of wit. Sometimes red and blue diamonds of unknown origin would show up on the trade market.

As times of calm and prosperity turned into times of strife and war the dragons started to withdraw from human view. They thought themselves too mighty and wise to get mixed up in their affairs, even if the enemy was demons summoned from another plane. The humans that believed in the dragon stories and never saw them would call out to the dragons for aid, but it all kept falling on mute ears. Human after human would fall to the cleave of the demon army advancing, and finally the dragons agreed that enough was enough.

No longer on the sidelines, the dragons picked to side with the humans against this vile demon lord. The fire dragon, Inferno, picked to make his home in the Eastern mountains while Everest, she opted for the Western mountains.

From their watchful spots, they'd survey the lands. Meeting occasionally to dance in the sky above the lush landscape that is kept divided by the Wall.

One turn, a big skirmish.. one of the last few battles of the Golden Age, Inferno was blasted down from the sky over the Eastern Mountains. Legends claim he died and was buried over time to fossilize.

Everest let loose a line of fire and retreated to her lair in the Western Mountains. Legends claim this was the last time she was ever seen.

There are several stories from before the battles.. stories of the interactions with their followers. Stories of two mighty beasts that loved each other. Myths I'm willing to share if any are curious.

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